2018 Framework on Immigration

If this framework gets converted into law, it will be the largest amnesty ever. It will effectively make sure no pro-American candidate is ever elected again because those legalized will tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat and support big government policies.

Here are the framework's four pillars:

  1. Amnesty for at least 1.8 Million illegal aliens. This is far more than the 700k currently protected by Obama's DACA. The pathway to citizenship will take 10-12 years, however, due to fraud, exceptions, and other things, this number will likely end up being 2-4 times higher; exactly what happened under the Reagan Amnesty. It is absolutely impossible to properly vet this many people.

  2. Ending chain migration... but after 10-20 years. The current backlog must first be cleared, which will add many additional millions of people over the next one to two decades.

  3. Securing the border... but will the wall get built?. The President is calling for $25B to fund the wall, however the border wall may ultimately get tied down in lawsuits, environmental protections, etc. making it's construction unlikely to ever finish. Half of illegal immigrants fly in on planes, so we should be targetting visa overstays too. There is no provision in the framework to mandate E-Verify so employers cannot abuse cheap labor, which would be one of the easiest and most effective ways to curb illegal immigration.

  4. Cancelling the Visa lottery. This is a good measure that would eliminate 50k randomly selected people coming each year, however the U.S. currently admits 1-2 Million people each year legally. While it is a step in the right direction, it doesn't go nearly far enough. Many Senators want to simply re-purpose these visas into other programs.